CORE competency

SUCCESS story -       High speed TRPL for CIG evaluation;                                Laser Induced Fluorescent Emission
                                   Generating 70 million nano-craters / second;                  High speed micron-sized components assembly station,
Million-Pixel high resolution projection microscope,       Building Synchrotron diagnostic Lab for SLAC

COMPETITIVE advantage by working with LIFEIT
  • Better performance,
  • Faster to the market,
  • Safer devices,
  • Cheaper in cost
  • Access to A world wide technology net work
  • Working with experts of the field

CLIENTS - Start ups, FORTUNE 1000 companies, Solar cell manufacturer, Semiconductor devices, medical devices, disk drive,
Space Technology
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  What we do best ?

Electro-optics based systems, devices, equipments and more....
  Quite often for Unconventional requirements             
  Nimble and responsive
Run with big company skill

LIFE      Making you succeed is our business,  a LIFE Imaging Technology LLC company,   technology for the common good   
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LIFEIT embodies the spirit and know-how of an aero-space
company except the big budget, as a small company, "
Nimble and responsive, running with big company skill ".

It is a common knowledge that the failure rate of new
ventures is 9/10 to 7/10.  Why company fails? The simple
answer is that they run out of money. Money has been spent
improperly. We may ask, do we have enough to learn from
and do something to avoid it. In running a business, there
are three areas of risk, the market, the people and the
technology. A lot of attention has been put in the first two.
Less weight is put on the technology factor. The technology
factor is a combination of several issues

  • Does the technology work?
  • Is the technology connected to the market?
  • Is there a right team?
  • Does the company know how to manage the

The first answer gets the company start. The last answer
pushes the company through the finishing line. LIFEIT can
"Making your company succeed is out business".
LIFEIT is an enabling technology company,
assisting start ups and mature companies to overcome
technology issues. " Making your company success is our

LIFEIT has its root in aerospace industry.
Aerospace industry is known for its capability in building
advanced technology system ahead of civilian applications by
at least 30 years. New technology is created to meet the most
demanding mission requirements. It is being done with the
existing mature technology. The ability to integrate thousands
of parts together in a system and the system works faultlessly
,is phenomenal. Space shuttle, landing on the moon, and
Global Positioning System are a few examples. We cared very
much about safety, because human life is involved. In building
our product we always looked out for the potential danger and
technological road block. We dealt with it head on at the very
outset. On top of that, we hvae the "can do " spirit. No problem
is too big or small. People work together as a team. The
purpose is to get the job done. Do they ever have a person
singled out as the only hero of a project? No. Everyone is a
hero. Every one's contribution is indispensable
WORK Philosophy -

  • Accept jobs that we know how to do it very well.
  • Do it right the first time,
  • No cut and trial,
  • Design for the Market,
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Design for ease in service
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Documentation
LIFEIT TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANCY, getting thing done faster, better & safer