Requirements for generating Nano-craters on smooth metallic surface
  • Producing millions of evenly spaced nano-craters on a hard disk to park the read-write head
  • Tolerance: Diameter +/- 2 micron, bump height, +/- 50 nano-meter
  • System stability - work in high noise environment
  • Alignment - Immune to temperature fluctuation
  • Laser damage threshold - high energy pulsed laser
  • Laser requirement - to generate nano-craters on the hard disk by laser ablation
Generating 70 millions Nano-craters / second

Top row : the compact  laser optic module for nano-crater generation at a rate of 70 millions craters / second
Bottom row : the ring, concentric to the central spot, formed by the aggregation of millions of nano-craters, observed
under three different illumination conditions, dark field, bright field positive and negative.
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