Support building the Synchrotron Light Monitor Lab,SSRL,
SLAC. The major optical set up in the lab consists of:
  • A Hamamatsu streak camera to measure the
    longitudinal profile of the synchrotron light pulses
  • A PiMax fast gated camera to measure images of
the beam cross-section
  • An interferometer to measure the micro dimension
of the relativistic electron bunch
  • Avalanche photo-diode to study the beam fluctuation
  • A High speed rotating mirror image scanning set up
    to study the long range temporal effect      
LIFEIT's High data rate, pico-second
Lifetime measuring system
  • High brightness and high repetition rate light source
  • Band gap specific excitation light source
  • High speed, high gain detector and low noise detector
  • Time resolved life time measurement digital electronics
  • Efficient light collection optics
  • No-hassle sample alignment design
  • In-line operation ready
Nominal Performance specifications
  • Electronics Time resolution : 8 ps
  • Detector limited time resolution: 300 ps.
  • Saturated count rate: 10 MHz
  • Range: 50 ns to 2 micro-second

LIFEIT High Resolution
Projection Microscope System
  • Low maintenance,
  • Long Lamp life, high intensity High resolution image
  • Resolve all the bright field defects
  • Resolve all the dark field defects
  • Easy to load and unload samples
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to operate
  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance,
  • Long Lamp life, high intensity

LIFEIT's Automatic Coil Bonding Station

  •    Bonded this 200 x 500 micron read write head    
    automatically to a slider with a laser shining   
    through the center of the 20 micron hole.
  •    Reduced the processing time from > 2 hours per    
    coil to seconds. Eliminated the human error in
    laser optics alignment
Left : A 200 X 500
micron read-write head
with a 20 micron hole at
the center of the
magnetic coil.

LIFEIT's Laser Texturing Module
Generating 70 millions Nano-craters /second

  • Working on smooth metallic surface
  • Producing millions of evenly spaced nano-craters on a hard
    disk to park the read-write head
  • Tolerance: Diameter +/- 2 micron, bump height, +/- 50 nano-
  • System stability - work in high noise environment
  • Alignment - Immune to temperature fluctuation
  • Laser damage threshold - high energy pulsed laser
  • Laser requirement - to generate nano-craters on the hard disk
    by laser ablation

LIFEIT's Image Enhancement &    
Measurement system


  • Bright field
  • Dark field
  • Edge enhancement
  • negative image
  • Annotation
  • Data storage

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LIFEIT developed the key technology for the
LCD inspection and repair system,    

  • The non-contact method to image the
    electro-static field generated by the leads and
    pixel of a biased display panel. Hence, it
    becomes possible to pin-point the break and
    open in the circuit by computer imaging

  • Using laser and chemicals to repair the open
    circuit of an LCD panel.  


A long Path Length (40 meter), High spatial and
temporal resolution
(better than 500 micro-second) interferometer
to study the temporal behavior of gas
turbulent, operating in a high acoustic noise

LIFEIT's Laser Induced Fluorescence    
Emission Detection system
  •    Material specific excitation laser
  •    Real time spectral recording system
  •    Fiber optics illumination system
  •    Fiber optics fluorescence collection system
  •    Real time display and data analysis software
  •    Data storage and retrieval system.

  •    Chemical species identification
  •    Tissue recognition

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