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The company

LIFEIT is an enabling technology company, assisting start ups and mature
companies to overcome technology issues. " Making your company success is
our business."

LIFEIT has its root in aerospace industry. Aerospace industry is known for its
capability in building advanced technology system ahead of civilian applications
by at least 30 years. New technology is created to meet the most demanding
mission requirements. It is being done with the existing mature technology. The
ability to integrate thousands of parts together in a system and the system works
faultlessly ,is phenomenal. Space shuttle, landing on the moon, and Global
Positioning System are a few examples. We cared very much about safety,
because human life is involved. In building our product we always looked out for
the potential danger and technological road block. We dealt with it head on at the
very outset. On top of that, we hvae the "can do " spirit. No problem is too big or
small. People work together as a team. The purpose is to get the job done. Do
they ever have a person singled out as the only hero of a project? No. Everyone
is a hero. Every one's contribution is indispensable.

LIFEIT embodies the spirit and know-how of an aero-space company except the
big budget. We are a small company, "
Nimble and responsive, running
with big company skill ".
The founding of LIFEIT

For years, we have been complaining that we lack engineering talents
and scientists. The truth is that there are a lot of them around and their
talents are not properly utilized for various reasons. This country spends
a lot of resources to train our scientists and engineers. They have been
working on the forefront of technology, accumulating a lot of valuable
experience. Yet due to the ebb and tide of economic current, some are
left behind in waste.  Mind is a terrible thing to waste. LIFEIT, an
absolutely equal opportunity team player, will open the window for them,
lets them shine and be creative again.

It is a common knowledge that the failure rate of new ventures is 9 out of
10 to 7 out of 10.  Why company fails? The simple answer is that they run
out of money. Money was spent improperly. We may ask, do we have
enough failure to learn from and do something to avoid it. In running a
business, there are three areas of risk, the market, the people and the
technology. A lot of attention has been drawn to the first two. Less weight
is put on the technology factor. The technology factor is a combination of
several issues.

  • Does the technology work?
  • Is the technology connected to the market?
  • Is there a right team?
  • Does the company know how to manage the development?

The first answer gets the company start. The last answer pushes the
company through the finishing line.

LIFEIT can help overcoming those technology issues.
Talk to us, the
pre-project consultation is free.

"Making your company succeed is our business"

   Call: 650 321 8380
A message from the founder

Walter Y Mok   Ph.D.

     Chief MIH (Make it Happen)

     Member of the User Group SSRL
             SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

     Faculty, USPAS 2008, 2010 (United
             States Particle Accelerator School)

     Adjunct professor of startup management
             Faculty of Business,
             The Chinese University of Hong Kong