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Space Technology

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LIFE   Making you succeed is our business,  a LIFE Imaging Technology LLC company,   technology for the common good   

Solar Optics
 Advanced the R & D of renewable

  • CIGS
  • Process control
  • Concentrator
  • Process monitor
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Technology Consultancy
Getting work done faster, better &    
  • An enabling technology provider
  • Biomedicine, semiconductor
  • Expert engineering , do it right
    the first time, no cut and trail.
  • You have a need, we have the
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Contact us
For product information, services and
free consultation, please contact
+1 650 321 8380

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Optical Sys. Engineering
Create, build, design and manufacturing
electro-optics based system, devices &
equipment, to meet unconventional
requirements in 90 days

  • Semiconductor
  • Biomedical
  • Renewable energy
  • Manufacturing
  • R & D
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Nimble and responsive
Run with big company skill

Understand Your Need

Event Calendar free Posting
Alto4/27/10, 4:15 - 5:30 Skilling auditorium,
Stanford US-Asia Tech management
4/28/10. 3:00PM, San Jose Sate U.
Engineering Auditorium.
Dr. Walter Mok
Global Entrepreneurship - East meets West

Advertise your skill
Make a difference, unleash your
creativity,  join LIFEIT. We are
absolutely equal opportunity team-  
player.  We need engineers of all
level and disciplines in imaging,
control, data acquisition, mechanical,
electrical, electronics and optics. We
match your skill set with our project
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Letter to young people

Please send your resume to:

Research at SLAC
Synchrotron Light Monitor Laboratory
to monitor to study the physical  
properties of the micro bunches of
relativistic electrons. Instruments:

  • Streak camera
  • Fast gated camera
  • Image scanner
  • Ultra fast laser
  • Non-linear optics
  • Interferometer
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CIGS efficiency monitor
CIGS solar thin film monitor
LIFEIT lifetime measuring system
Provides a cost effective in line
monitor of CIGS thin film efficiency
without the need of a fully
assembled solar cell
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